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 Enjoy the Best Experiences of  Your Life while you make great memories!
Travel, Purchase or Stay with Eco-Friendly Travel Products and Properties. We only sell products that meet the highest standard of Sustainability. The Best Environmentally Friendly; Reef safe, Ocean Safe, Organic good quality travel products currently on the market | Florida Eco Tours | Eco Friendly Resorts.  We personally test travel and Stay with the products and properties and only recommend and sell the ones we believe in.  We specialize in Comfortable and Relaxing retreats, where families, couples and friends can enjoy more space, more amenities and more of the good things in life. - We know Vacations!!  If you want a Turn Key experience from your Purchase, Build, Decorateing and Management - We "Design for U" We take care of all the details.  Your vacations are a place to begin traditions and forge new everlasting bonds of friendship and family ties. By providing clean, comfortable, fully furnished and equipped recreational or vacation homes with space for everyone, we promote well~being and relaxation so you can sit back and Let the stress of your busy life melt away. All you need to bring is your suitcase! Unpack Once and Enjoy. 

Catherine - Founder / CEO

Over 35 years experience in Vacation Marketing, Referrals, Building, Remodeling, Decorating and Design .  Life's the Beach is your 1 stop shop for everyting to do with Vacation in Florida.  We help you find your dream vacation home anywhere in North America.  We are the Premier Experts to help you with the complicated business of Vacation Rentals - from set up - to start up - to sucess.  With exclusive manager partners your vacation rental from your purchase or sale to decorating, marketing, proffessional photography to renting is our top priority.  Our web sites are the best in the industry and receive top placement on Google.  We love what we do and have hosted Thousands of visitors over the past years.  Now with our Operations Managment being handled by the highly trained proffessional in British Columbia and Orlando FL we can focus on helping you set up and decorate your dream vacation home.  We help you find the best location, and best manager for your home or assist with finding expert local realtors that specialize in Vacation Homes to list your vacation home or Small Hotel for sale. I share my passion and expertise to combine vacation tourism with Environment sustainability, Green Building and to share knowledge and expertise in purchasing, decorating and vacationing with sustainable green technology and Environmental Tourism. We constantly strive to offer the highest standard of service and highest return on your investment

Natasha - Administrative Assistant / Was born and raised on Vancouver Island. A combination of her love for the outdoors and her schooling have created a great fit for Life's the Beach.  Natasha graduated from Vancouver Island University with an Accounting Assistant Certificate and two previous years of courses in the Hospitality Management Program. Her friendly helpful personality is such a great asset and her main focus is to assist in any way she can.


Clere - Is a Professional Photographer and Musician who Grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. After graduating from the Western Academy of Photography, his focus was set to the creation of commercial images fused with his own artistic style. 


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