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Are you Young and Want to Travel More or are you Ready to Retire?
Both ways Consider Purchasing a Vacation Home and Living the Resort Life Style! Lock in before prices and interest rates go up! Predications are that will happen this year!!! Buy now and Leave your Vacation Home in the hands of professionals while you travel the world. Make money while you sit back and enjoy your life!
~Life is Good When You Find the Right Vacation Home and Management Team. We have helped Thousands of Buyers and Renters find their perfect Vacation Destination Home.

Purchasing or Selling a Vacation Home is complicated and specialized. We can help. With our Exclusive Referral Matching Service finding that right Realtor with knowledge in financing options and pricing is important to help you realize your dream. If you plan to rent, a good Property Manager is the most important consideration to help you maximize your revenue.

For Information on Purchase or Sale of a Vacation Home in Orlando Florida USA or Vancouver Island Canada Contact Us for more Information and get the conversation started
Case Study: When Dan first purchased his vacation home, he imagined they’d be there all the time. After all, they only lived a few hours away. But their house frequently sat vacant despite their best intentions, and the family ultimately decided to rent the property during the times when they weren’t able to enjoy it themselves.

It would be the first time they had rented, so Don did some thorough research into the options available, including both local and national property management options. He looked at their marketing materials, spoke to their customer service reps - and found himself unimpressed at what he’d receive for an average management fee. If this is the kind of service they offer me, he thought, what are the chances my potential guests would have an equally mediocre experience?

Dan was starting to wonder if renting was really a good idea - until he found us
ensure your vacation rental is a place of relaxation for you and your family. By partnering with us you are working with a specialized company who is committed to making your vacation property successful and manageable anywhere. We work co-operatively with many successful and well respected Vacation Rental Managers and Realtors all over North America and the World. The result is higher occupancy and greater exposure for you. Most start up Vacation Rentals, Hotels and Resorts take 2 years of hard work to achieve the same revenue you will enjoy by getting the right people on your team the first time in the start-up year. A professional property manager who has a great website, good quality photos and lots of local knowledge will help your vacation home get many rentals without the hassle of arranging cleaning etc.... Ask yourself if your prepared to go clean your property if the housekeeper can't make it or if you are prepared to get in your car and drive to your property to fill up a propane BBQ on a Sunday night or ??? If the answer to any of these is no, then you really should consider hiring a professional property manager. If you would like us to help you with any aspect of your Vacation Home or you just want to list your Vacation Property for Sale on our web sites, give us a call at 1.407.683.2799 or Email. will arrange to have a consultant review and go over your options and any questions you may have.

What Clients Say about our services:

"There are some choices we make in life that become successful beyond our expectations. Such has been my great luck in working with this team. They are a pleasure to work with, always on top of things with a positive supportive attitude, and with attention to details so seemingly minute that I miss them!

"Honest, hardworking and gifted agents who seems to have that ability to “pick “ the right folks to stay at my home….and they always follows through with the guests to make sure their needs are met and to make sure, as well, that the cottage is cared for by the renters. (Very important to me as this cottage is our family’s special spot.) I love that they keep me informed always about who is using the cottage and when.
I feel lucky to have found them, and would recommend to anyone wishing to rent their home."

Real Estate is really heating up on Vancouver Island BC and Orlando Florida. These are the country’s most desirable retirement areas in North America. With over 56 Million people visiting Orlando a Year and 500 Thousand Visiting Central Vancouver Island many of these guests are looking to retire eventually in these areas. Even if you are not ready to retire yet, purchasing a vacation home that generates income and purchased at a lower price now will make it affordable.
Offering the warmest climate in Canada! There has never been a better time to purchase a Vacation Home in Parksville or Qualicum Beach! A great investment and ROI especially with the US dollar!
Partners have enjoyed the best year ever and some of them have indicated it is just the right time to sell. also have several current and past guests that want to buy into our rental pool and enjoy the profits we are able to generate as well as a enjoying the home themselves for their own vacations.
What Clients Say about Consulting:
"Provides solid consultation, they are good listeners and works very well with us as a team player."
"My partner and I, underestimated how much work would really be involved in our new Endeavour, and how crucial it is to be immediately available to prospective clients."
"Our home enjoyed a higher level of success, than we had anticipated, for its first official year. This success is largely due to the professionalism of Life's the Beach. We hear nothing but praise for them from our guests. This sure was the right choice for us!"

Maximize your rental potential with Decorator on the Go for your V.R.B.O.! Please textl us to find out about this and other services we recommend 407.683.2799 or email us at Contact Us

Maximize your rental potential with Decorator on the Go for your V.R.B.O.! Please text us to find out about this and other services we recommend 407.683.2799 or email us at Contact Us
Benefits of A Good Property Management Pool What They do
1,000s of potential guests view your property Show Case your home on our web sites
Copy writing and editing/Photo enhancement Highlight the benefits of your property
Maintain listings on other web sites You decide which listings you want
Custom tailored Advertising and Marketing You decide on the services you want
Full reservations services: Availability calendars are current and accurate. 
Guests are screened  Security deposits, and confirmations
Toll free phone number available anywhere in North America Toll free calls are answered 7 days a week
Email inquiries Followed up immediately usually within 3 hours of inquiry
Goggle maps  You choose if you want map locators displayed 
Keep Track Detailed reports
No charge for homeowners bookings They take care of you too
Owners profile Encourage owners to give a brief description
Guest Notes (Home Manuals) A comprehensive template – you fill in the blanks
Follow up on guest stays Email guests after check out and publish excerpts
Keys/Housekeeping/Maintenance Develop individual services you require